JK Photoworks: Blog https://www.jkphotoworks.com/blog en-us (C) JK Photoworks (JK Photoworks) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:08:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:08:00 GMT https://www.jkphotoworks.com/img/s/v-12/u986137115-o212303246-50.jpg JK Photoworks: Blog https://www.jkphotoworks.com/blog 120 80 A Swiss Wedding - Tristan & Vanina https://www.jkphotoworks.com/blog/2016/10/tristanvanina It started with a conversation over a beer at bar in Chicago and that turned into a trip to Switzerland (and Italy) to shoot this awesome couple's big day.  Tristan and Vanina had a gorgeous wedding ceremony in the hills of Switzerland at Château de la Sarraz followed by one of the most fun receptions I've ever been to at the Grand Hôtel des Rasses set against the backdrop of the mountains around the village of Bullet. 

I only hope I look half as good as this group when I get hitched! 




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The People You Meet - Taking a Break https://www.jkphotoworks.com/blog/2013/8/the-people-you-meet---taking-a-break


















Seen in Millennium Park.

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The People You Meet - In the Park https://www.jkphotoworks.com/blog/2013/8/the-people-you-meet---untitled-1


















Seen in Millennium Park

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The People You Meet - What the...? https://www.jkphotoworks.com/blog/2013/8/the-people-you-meet---what-the


















Seen in Millennium Park

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The People You Meet - More Lolla https://www.jkphotoworks.com/blog/2013/8/the-people-you-meet---zach











"You're tattoos are really cool! Do they mean anything?"

"Nah, I just thought they looked cool."

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The People You Meet - Lollapalooza https://www.jkphotoworks.com/blog/2013/8/the-people-you-meet---lollapalooza












Seen in Millennium Park

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The People You Meet - HuntingBear https://www.jkphotoworks.com/blog/2013/8/the-people-you-meet---huntingbear Chief Hunting Bear


















"I'm Chief HuntingBear, I actually designed the logo for the Tour de France."

"Really? Wow!"

"And, I'm related to Brad Wiggins, he won the tour last year."

"That's pretty cool, what do you do now?"

"I was locked out of my own condo because of my political involvement and have lawyers trying to get be back in but the government is keeping me out."

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The People You Meet - Awesome Dog https://www.jkphotoworks.com/blog/2013/8/the-people-you-meet---awesome-dog Guy with B


















"Your dog is awesome!"

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The People You Meet - Biker https://www.jkphotoworks.com/blog/2013/8/the-people-you-meet---biker












Seen in Lincoln Park

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The People You Meet https://www.jkphotoworks.com/blog/2013/8/the-people-you-meet Pinched Nerve


















"What happened to your arm?"

"You've got a nerve that runs up your back and your arm; I pinched AND twisted it."

"Ouch, that sounds painful."

"It is, you get some good drugs though!"

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The People You Meet https://www.jkphotoworks.com/blog/2013/8/the-people-you-meet---new-segment I decided to start interjecting a new kind of post into my blog, hopefully on a fairly regular basis.  Inspired by Brandon Stanton and his blog, Humans of New York, I decided to start walking around Chicago (I plan to do it anywhere else I may travel as well) and talk to some of the people I come across.  If they are willing, I'll share a little about them and what they have to say.  If they aren't I might just put their picture up...or not.  The working title for these posts is "The People You Meet."  The title may change down the road.  On some of my walks around the city I bring our french bulldog Butterball with me. (You can follow Butterball on Instagram - Butterball_the_Frenchie - I know he would appreciate it!) He makes a great icebreaker.  I've already met so many Chicagoans.  It's pretty remarkable the little glimpses into peoples' lives you can get, however brief they might be, if you just stop, say hello and ask a question or two.  Let me know what you think about these posts.  As a photog I always like to hear feedback.  Hope you enjoy. 


Sushi Chef

Sushi Chef


















"How long have you lived in Chicago?"

"For one year."

"Where did you live before Chicago?"

"I lived in New York, I was a Sushi Chef there too."

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Blurred Lines...In the Sky https://www.jkphotoworks.com/blog/2013/8/better-late-than-never I spent another 4th of July at Frankfort beach.  Been going there to watch the fireworks since I was a baby.  Every year they put on a great show that, at least according to the guys with the collection jars, is funded entirely by donations.  As a kid my favorite part of going to Frankfort on the fourth was the dunes that were great for jumping off and and having your younger brothers jump off..not always voluntarily.  Now, as a photog my favorite part is the pier just opposite the lighthouse.  It makes for a perfect vantage point for shooting the display and there are usually almost no people out there.  Maybe next year I'll get some photos posted somewhere near the actual holiday, at least in the same month.  Enjoy for now.

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Dance-Off at Devil's Ridge - Nick & Erica https://www.jkphotoworks.com/blog/2013/8/dance-off-at-devils-ridge Two years ago I met Justin and his bride-to-be-Jennifer when I shot their wedding at the Northport Bay Retreat.  The following year I saw them again along with all the rest of the family at his brother, Adam's wedding, also at the Retreat.  Then, this summer I completed the trifecta when I got to shoot the last of the last of the May boys' wedding at St. Andrew's church in Rochester.  The day couldn't have been better.  Perfect weather, an amazing wedding party, awesome family and the night ended with a pretty incredible dance-off between two of the groomsmen, and of course an awesome bride and groom!  All in all one of the best times I've had shooting a wedding.  Thanks so much Nick, Erica, Adam, Lauren, Justin and Jennifer for letting me record all your big days!

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New Friends, Great Start! https://www.jkphotoworks.com/blog/2013/5/new-friends-great-start So, the first wedding I shot this year wasn't technically a wedding, but a reception for a wedding that took place in South Africa a few weeks before.  I'd only met the bride once before at a dinner out with some friends.  I didn't meet the groom until the night of the party.  That night, though they made it feel like we'd been long time friends.  They were one of the most laid back and fun couples I've photographed.  And, as a bonus they have a French Bulldog named Monty that happens to be pals wtih my own Frenchie, Butterball. (I'm sure both of them will make it into a post one of these days.)

The pictures will show you, without me having to say it, but I will anyway; awesome couple, awesome night, awesome start to wedding season this year.


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Be Our Guest! https://www.jkphotoworks.com/blog/2013/4/beautyandthebeast Last month I  was asked to shoot the performances of Traverse City West Senior High's production of Beauty and the Beast.  What a show!  The students were there rehearsing every day after school, often until late at night.  Both casts did an amazing job.  Here are just a few shots from the performances...






































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Why So Serious?... https://www.jkphotoworks.com/blog/2012/11/why-so-serious The best wedding albums are well rounded. They include: bridal beauty, best man "bromance," quiet romantic moments, family time and most importantly fun with friends. In the effort to complete the required shot list, its easy to miss the fun shots. 
But, sometimes my favorite shots from a wedding are the goofy, spontaneous ones.  The ones that let you know the couple is really having a good time on their wedding day instead of just making the rounds, visiting with guests and getting through each part of the day on schedule.  
Theses photos are some of my favorite "less than serious" shots from some weddings I shot this year.
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Family Time https://www.jkphotoworks.com/blog/2012/10/family-time Spent a couple days on Torch Lake with one of my best friends, Ben and his family a couple months back.  His WHOLE family.  Every year they choose a different place for their family reunion and this year their spot happened to be just a 45 minute drive from home for me, so I made the trip out to be the honorary third LeBlanc brother.
It was a great weekend filled with food, drink, fun and family.  And, as with all the other times I've spent with them, they made me feel like part of theirs.
Got to be part of the themed dinners, the trips to local micro-brewery and even the family-first announcement of a new baby girl on the way.  Pretty special.  And to top it all off they let me bring my camera and have it trained on them all weekend.  Made plenty of memories and took plenty of photos.  Next year's reunion is already in the works, and whattaya know...they might just be doing it by me again next year.  Can't wait.



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